Dr. Peter Lodermeyer about Joachim Hiller

Joachim Hiller has dedicated himself exclusively to painting since 1969. Over the course of these years he created a multitude of abstract collections, which he only started showing publicly a few years ago.

The Catalog of Work (about 2000 pieces, status: June 2012)

The history, design and structure of work catalogs is as different as the artists whose works they document. For very few of them, however, what Theodor W. Adorno once said with an ironic undertone about Richard Wagner applies: “From day one he was the author of all of his works.” Joachim Hiller, too, is not the type of artist who has always had his “Œuvre” in mind, documenting every piece accordingly and keeping an extensive archive as a prerequisite for the future catalog of work – quite to the contrary, you would have to say. The present catalog reflects the unusual artistic development of Joachim Hiller. At its current date of publication, in the summer of 2012, in the 79th year of the artist’s life, initially as an online publication, it contains the traces of three decisive decisions that have determined Hiller’s path as an artist. [...]
- Peter Lodermeyer, Bonn, June 2012 -

Marta Cencillo Ramírez about the works on paper

Joachim Hiller’s work shows an unusual continuity and conceptual uniformity, impressive stylistic and technical diversity. Immanuel Kant’s thought that all of nature is nothing but a combination of appearances according to rules and that there really is no randomness, could be the motto for his pieces. Hiller uses the specific material properties not to paint nature but to paint like nature. Art as an unpredictable result of the interaction between the use of innovative techniques, calculated material selections and spontaneity on the basis of grounded knowledge about the laws of nature. This is how Hiller’s work technique could be described. [...]
- Marta Cencillo Ramírez, Köln/Cologne, 2012 -